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A customer said after eating my BBQ ribs (at a restaurant where I worked for a short time as the BBQ cook): "I love ribs and have eaten them all over the USA and around the world. You're ribs are the best I've ever eaten."

Sherry S said that of all the ribs she has eaten over the years, your ribs are among the best if not the very best.

Jim P says, "Thank you sir for the tastiest ribs I have ever had!!!!"

Alan D says, "Joyce and I had dinner with Bryan, Alyssa and the kids last night. Guess what we had? Your ribs are the meatiest, most tender and flavor infused i've ever had. keep up the the good work and don't change a thing!"

Leslie H says, "The ribs were delish, Charlie!!!"

Paula M says that the ribs are really delicious.

Michael M says that the bacon has really great flavor. Good work, Charlie!

Diggory W says that it's really really good barbeque. The meat falls off the bone.

Eli W says that it's fantastic barbeque, yummy!

Tom B says, "I have had Hop-n-Hog barbeque several times now. The spices on the ribs are perfect! The meat is delicious and tender. I sampled the turkey and goose last Thanksgiving at the Williams household. It was wonderful food and a genuinely Happy Thanksgiving. I would recommend Hop-n-Hog B-B-Q to all my friends and acquaintances. Good Luck Charlie!"

Mary McK says, "The brisket and short ribs were DELICIOSO! The bacon is really delicious."

Sreenivas B says, "Hop-N-Hog chicken tastes very good. I recommend anyone to try the delicious dishes there."

Steve P says, "The ribs were great! Just finished them yesterday. It was hard to keep my son away from eating them all."

Peach B says, "Hi Charlie, the ribs where a huge hit last night! Oh so good. Thank you very much for providing the delicious ribs for Howard's birthday celebration. All of our guests loved them. Tom L said that Hop-n-Hog ribs are the best he's ever tasted! I heartily agree. Bravo to you Charlie!! I really love the bacon too."

Howard B says, "The brisket was wonderful, Charlie!"

Brian McK says, "The pastrami is fantastic. It's the best I've ever eaten" and that he loves the ribs. He also says that the ribs for Christmas Eve were just perfect and it will be a new tradition to have ribs for Christmas Eve."

Rich O says, "Your chickens are to die for."

Helen O says, "I love your chicken. It is by far much better than the chicken I had at Zazu Kitchen in Sebastopol for my birthday dinner."

Chef Augustin G said,"I shared the ribs with a friend, and we enjoyed them very much. The ribs were so tender. The rub, to our taste needs to be hotter, more chiles. Over all the meat was so good, very good quality."
(I got Chef Gaytan's comment after giving him a rack of ribs when I was volunteering in a class he taught at Ramekins Cooking School.)

Elda R says that the ribs, pulled pork, and brisket are really delicious. She really likes all the Hop-n-Hog B-B-Q.

Dan and Michele A said that the pulled pork was the best they've ever had, smoky, spicy, and delicious.

Mary Ellen B says, "The pulled pork and BBQ sauce were a big hit for Thanksgiving. My mother even hid a package of it so that she could eat some later. The bacon I give to the family for Christmas presents was a bit hit with everyone."

Helen W says, "That was the best bacon I have eaten in a long time. It tastes like real bacon used to taste. It's not too salty. I really like it."

Robert and Joanie B say, "The bacon was really delicious."

Steven K says, "The BBQ porkbelly with jalapeño jelly glaze had really great flavor. It crisped up nicely when sliced and fried. Now I want to order a pound of the Black Forest-style bacon. We had the BBQ chicken for dinner last night. It was delicious!"

Al C says, "We had some of the ribs in the freezer for quite a while. But when we had a few guests, we took them out and found they were really easy to prepare in no time at all only required brief heating in microwave)--and delicious...Mmmmm! Wow, those ribs were a knockout. I want to order some more in a couple of weeks. We ordered another set of ribs and added the smoked bacon plus the brisket. The bacon was great and we're looking forward to the brisket."

Greg B says, "The BBQ was absolutely delicious! I can't remember ever having BBQ that good. Both the pulled pork and the bacon was enjoyed by everyone in my family. I feasted on numerous pulled pork sandwiches, and actually had to trick my little boy so I could get the last of it - pretty cruel Dad huh? We just finished our bacon the other day - and enjoyed that as well. I don't do any food shopping for our family, but my sense is that you really can't buy this kind of homemade quality. The BBQ sauce was also a treat. My wife bought a couple of jars of "fancy" BBQ sauces a week ago for some chicken legs we were throwing on the grill, and I swear those sauces couldn't compare to what you sent home with me. I'm the first to admit that I really don't know anything about food and cooking, but I do I know what I like. Your stuff was great, and I look forward to putting in another order sometime in the near future."

Pat B says, "The bacon is wonderful. I had some Monday morning and loved it!!"

Cheryl Y says, "The bacon is delicious. Let me know when you make more, and I'll order it again."

Alan and Joyce D say, "We really enjoy your product and expect to order more!"

Andy K says, "The short ribs were awesome!"

Shannon K says, "Charlie, the short ribs were amazing. Thanks!!"

Steven R says, "Thanks for the ribs Charlie! They simply melted in my mouth. What a meal! Thanks again."

Glenn S says, "I've eaten BBQ brisket in Kreutz Market, Black's BBQ, John Meueller's BBQ, all the famous BBQ joints in Texas, and Charlie's BBQ brisket is as good or better than any of them. The meat is really delicious, perfectly BBQed, not too much smoke, and a nice balance between the dry rub and the beefy flavor."

Kai T says, "I had a couple slices of your bacon cooked within fifteen minutes after I left your house. It is excellent! I love the pepperiness."

Allison S says, "Thank you so much for providing the beautiful meat for my brother's wedding. It was a perfectly done and everyone loved it!"

Tom A says, "The pork jowl bacon was delicious. Thanks!"

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