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A piece of porkbelly on a sheet pan. As you can see, porkbelly is long cut of meat. If you are making "cracklin' porkbelly, you crackle the skin before you do the following steps.

porkbelly raw

The porkbelly has been rubbed with spices.

porkbelly rubbed

The porkbelly as it comes out of the BBQ. It was barbecued in two pieces, and now both are sitting on 1/2 sheet pan.

porkbelly bbqed

Next the pork skin (rind) is removed, except for "cracklin' porkbelly where the skin is left on the meat. The pieces are cut to a smaller size, and then vacuum packed. The one on the left has dry rub, the one on the right has dry rub and a honey glaze. Both pieces fit easily on a 1/4 sheet pan.

porkbelly v-packed

The photo below shows cracklin' porkbelly. The skin is crackled and left on the meat.

cracklin' pork belly

The vacuum-packed pork rind is show below. You can cook this with beans or soup to impart a smoky pork flavor. You can deep fry it to make cracklings.

pork rind v-packed


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