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Two bone-in pork butt roasts sitting on a sheet pan. The one on the right is oriented "fat- side-up." This is the position it's in for barbecuing.

pulled pork raw

The two pork butts have been rubbed with spices.

pulled pork rubbed

After cooking for 12 hours, the pork butts look like this. They are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

pulled pork bbqed

The two pork butts have been pulled apart and are ready for shredding. Shredded pork served with sauce and coleslaw on a bun is referred to as "pulled pork" sandwich. A very small version of this sandwich is called a "slider." Notice that the shoulder bones in the upper right of the photo have come away from the meat cleanly. That means that the bones have been cooked and have added their flavor to the meat.

pulled pork pulling

The meat is separated from the remaining fat and connective tissue and vacuum packaged. The one-pound package below is sitting on a 1/4 sheet tray.

pulled pork v-packed



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