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Around 20 lbs of hog jowl of various sizes and shapes in the smoker. I have already applied the three-pepper rub. I use a probe thermometer to smoke the meat to a temperature of 160 degrees.

Smoking the hog jowl bacon

In the following photo, you see the finished product as it comes out of the smoker and before it is sliced. The rub turns the hog jowls black. I use skinless hog jowl so that the rub can penetrate all sides of the meat.

smoked hog jowl bacon

After the hog jowl bacon has cooled sufficiently, I slice by hand the old fashioned way. To package the bacon, I roll each piece in a continuous piece of cling wrap, and then I roll the entire pound keeping each piece isolated from the other. My family and friends like to put their bacon in the freezer and use it a few pieces at a time.

sliced hog jowl bacon

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