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A piece of porkbelly on a sheet pan. As you can see, porkbelly is long cut of meat.

porkbelly raw

The Black Forest-style spices have been applied to the two pieces of porkbelly. Each is resting on a sheet pan.

Black forest bacon

The bacon as it comes out of the BBQ after 6 hours. It is smoked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees. It is a fully cooked product at this point. It was barbecued in four pieces and now all of them are resting on one sheet pan.

black forest bacon

Next the pork skin (rind) is removed. Cut around the edge of the of the rind, and then you can peel it off easily. The rind can be added to soup, beans, stew, etc. to impart a smoky flavor. It can be deep fried to make cracklings.

remove rind

You can see that the bacon has a thick layer of Black Forest-style spices. It's not ready for slicing.


Slicing the bacon by hand. I like to do it the old fashioned way.

slicing bacon

To package the bacon, I roll each piece in a continuous piece of cling wrap, and then I roll the entire pound keeping each piece isolated from the other. My family and friends like to put their bacon in the freezer and use it a few pieces at a time. It's a bacon roll.

bacon roll

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