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Hop-n-Hog BBQ
Serving family and friends with delicious BBQ (and friends of friends by family-member recommendation). Order via email, fax, phone. Preferred payment is cash.

Hop-n-Hog B-B-Q is guerilla "Q" and not a restaurant. I do not cater to the general public. The products are prepared, cured, smoked, cooked, grilled, and BBQed at home in a kitchen and BBQ area that are not inspected by the county health department. I understand and follow food safety procedures to ensure that everything prepared and packaged by Hop-n-Hog B-B-Q meets health safety standards. By ordering Hop-n-Hog B-B-Q, you acknowledge that you understand this information.

Contact Information
Charlie Williams
Mobile: (707) 481-0128

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Thanks a million to:

Julie, for the encouragement to keep at it.
Diggory, Andy, Katie, and Steven, for suggestions.
Srikar Danda, for the beer-drinking pig logo.
Everyone else, who has enjoyed my barbeque and told me about it.
A customer at a restaurant who after eating my BBQ ribs there said: "I love ribs and have eaten them all over the USA and around the world. Your ribs are the best I've ever eaten."
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